The Nexus Institute was founded in 1994 to offer a counterweight to nowadays society and its mere one-dimensional focus on science, technology and commercial values through making the world, culture and philosophy of life of the European humanist tradition accessible to a general audience by the publication of collections of essays and books, masterclasses, symposia, lectures and the conferences with which the Nexus Institute gained its world reputation.

The Nexus Institute has proven that its educational model works and that it is extremely successful due to the fact that it asks the big questions, that it does not compromise on intellectual quality, that it is able to bring the most knowledgeable people and that the floor is always open to a rich diversity of views and ideas.

Over 1,000 world-renowned intellectuals, artists, scholars, diplomats and politicians are connected to the Nexus Institute. The public events of the Nexus Institute, organized mostly in Amsterdam, attract an open-minded audience of between 700 and 1,500 people and generate ample press attention. Almost 3,000 people in the Netherlands subscribe to the journal Nexus. With its cultural philosophical approach, the Nexus Institute has for the last 20 years been able to stimulate the intellectual public debate in Europe.

At the beginning of its third decade, it is the ambition of the Nexus Institute to establish a Nexus Academy and to reach new audiences outside the Netherlands, in both the West and the East. With its experience and network, the Nexus Institute can offer those masterclasses, symposia and conferences that create a larger cultural, intellectual and moral awareness that teaches people how to read life.