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To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism

‘To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism’ is the latest publication by Rob Riemen. Eloquent as per usual, Rob Riemen combines knowledge of history and philosophy with literary sensibility when he explains the global return of fascism, disguised in the false promises of bringing freedom and greatness.

Rob Riemen is a writer and the founder and president of the Nexus Institute, a leading international foundation for intellectual reflection that aims to inspire cultural and philosophical debate.


‘Salon Talks’ interviews Rob Riemen

Essayist and cultural philosopher Rob Riemen joined “Salon Talks” to discuss a subject that has many Americans scared — the possibility that President Donald Trump is a fascist.

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    Best Humanist Books of 2017

    Without the cultivation of the life of the mind, you will never understand anything about your own life or the world that we live in, says cultural critic Rob Riemen. To get you started for the new year, he recommends the best humanist books (that he read) published in 2017.