NY Times reviews To Fight

Damon Linker reviewed To Fight Against This Age in the The New York Times: Read it here.

The message of the book is simple, insistent and powerful: The West is not confronting a threat of “populism,” as so many contemporary analysts claim. It’s facing a threat of fascism. (…) Riemen’s book is admirable in many ways.

‘Salon Talks’ interviews Rob Riemen

Essayist and cultural philosopher Rob Riemen joined “Salon Talks” to discuss a subject that has many Americans scared — the possibility that President Donald Trump is a fascist. Riemen’s conclusions are not reassuring (he argues that Trump is quite fascistic), but they offer the comfort of understanding. In the video above, Riemen demystifies fascism so that audiences can stop viewing it as something ethereal and instead can see it as the collection of prejudices and outdated assumptions that it truly is.