Becoming Human is an Art


Becoming human is an art. Not a science. If it were a science, then there would be established definitions, proven theories, unambiguous answers, protocols and manuals for life. There are none. Becoming human is an art. An art that every individual – with all the desires, uncertainties, doubts, fears and failures that are inherent in our existence – must find its own way to achieve the humanity that must enable us to live in truth, to create beauty, to be compassionate and just.

As variations on a theme, Rob Riemen offers four études in the art of becoming human. An étude that looks at war as a school of life; an étude in conquering stupidity and lies; an étude in
courage and compassion; and lastly an étude in the redemption from anxiety through creative power and true love. Four études that are intended as a helping hand to all those who concern themselves with Socrates’s two great questions: ‘Tell me, what is the right way to live? And what is a good society?’

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Becoming Human is an Art